Sunday, February 28, 2010


The girls were able to visit with Santa at our ward Christmas party.
Claire always asks if the Santa is real or not. We tell her that it is one of Santa's helpers, that Santa is very busy and needs many helpers to find out what all the children want.
You can't really blame her, those darn beards just scream fake!

Claire's swim lessons

Claire took swim lessons from June-November & absolutely loved it!
We decided to spend a little extra and put her in private lessons with her good friend Rylie.
Her teacher was awesome, and Claire learned so much. Before her private lessons, Claire was always afraid to put her face in the water, let alone jump in from the side of the pool.
Now she is so comfortable in the water, she's a fish!

Stella was content to just chill on the steps and watch, occasionally dipping the side of her head in the water.

Girls weekend get away

In November, we (my Mom, sisters & niece, Riley) went to SLC for our annual girls weekend get away. We had a blast shopping, eating yummy food, going to the movies & just being silly. This is what we did in Target.... modeled hats and fur coats/shrugs. I know, a little weird, but it was nice to just have fun & be a little crazy when you don't have kids whining and rushing you through the store.


The vampiress.
I kept the red eye for special effect (Stephenie Meyer style).

She looks intimidating, eh?

The witch.
You can almost hear her cackle.

That's one wicked team!

All seriousness aside, they know how to have fun too.

Autumn in beautiful Cache valley

These pics are taken in our front yard.
I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, where we get to enjoy four distinct seasons.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

final CA post: Tanzman wedding

So, here are the wedding pics. Laura and Drew were married in Encinitas, at a park overlooking the ocean at Sundown. It was a beautiful night. Laura looked beautiful in her wedding dress, reminding me of a Greek goddess. We had a wonderful time celebrating their union.

The bride with the flower girls.
The little ladies dropped rose petals on the sidewalk in front of Laura as she made her entrance. Stella didn't want to go ahead of Laura, she wanted to walk by her side instead, it was sweet.

Stella with cousin, Nathan.

Sister and Mother of the bride

Poor Nathan was a little overwhelmed being forced to pose with a bunch of girls.

Families unite.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Part 3: Pre-wedding

So, the main reason we took our wonderful vacation to California was for Adam's sister, Laura's wedding. Other than the usual bachelor/bachelorette parties that take place before a wedding, the flower girls had a pre-wedding prep of their own.... yoga! Being a flower girl can be stressful! This is how they coped with the building tension. Great form on the downward & upward dog, don't you think?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 2: Sea World

waiting for Shamu

Penguins are fun to watch. You can tell that they really love each other & they are so clumsy, they crack me up.

Adam looks like he's enjoying the ride more than the girls. ;)

watching the sea lions

amazed by the sharks

Sep. California vacay part 1

We got to spend a few days at our great friends, the Daines' residence in Pasadena. We had a lovely time and can't wait to go again.

This picture cracks me up of Claire & Ryder playing video games!
Oh the difference between girls and boys.

Lila and Stella spent time dancing and swapping binky's.

Malibu beach

Claire & Ryder hand in hand.... so sweet.

the daddy's

the mommy's

I love what the humidity does to Stella's hair.

Do you think they played hard enough?


These were taken on Claire's first day of kindergarten. Yes, I cried. Claire had a good time. Stella wanted to go with her. Another bittersweet milestone.

wake boarding

Claire likes to wakeboard with her daddy, while Stella cries in the boat.

More summer fun

Sprinklers underneath the trampoline. (Not sure why Claire looks like she's gagging.)
These boys are our sweet neighbor lady's grandchildren. Claire & Stella enjoy playing with them when they are in town.

Swimming at Lava Hot Springs.

bike riding (attempting, that is)

Enjoying the eve. sun on a Bear Lake beach.

Look closely and you'll see the start of a baby bump.

Sprinklers and wading pool fun in our yard.