Thursday, April 23, 2009

Claire turns FIVE

Claire's birthday was on Saturday. Shortly after she turned four, she informed me that she wanted to have a swim party for her next birthday (imagine that). I let her decide between a party with her friends or a party with her cousins (I'm not ready to let her have both), she decided to do a cousin/family party. Phew! I don't know how I would have kept track of a bunch of kids in a swimming pool. We went to Lava, Idaho for the party. First, we met at the Royal for pizza and cake, then went swimming at the indoor pool. The pool was a ton of fun. They have a climbing wall that ascends from the pool, and two diving boards. We swam for almost four hours! We also celebrated my niece, Riley's birthday and my Dad's since their birthdays are also in the month of April.

The hat came from preschool. Claire wore it non-stop for almost two days straight. Everywhere we went, people were wishing her a happy birthday, she loved it.

The cake.

Food at the Royal.
Claire suggested that everyone dress up in costume for the party, so all the girls wore dresses/skirts over their swimsuits.

singing to Claire

singing to Riley

I bet you've never seen a grown man blow out a candle on a ballerina cake. :)

Cousins. Claire, Rhet & Keeler.

Grandma & Grandpa Perkins

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter weekend

The Saturday before Easter, we asked Claire if she wanted to go to a local grocery store to see the Easter bunny and hunt for eggs, or go swimming. She chose swimming. She LOVES to swim!

Stella looks absolutely thrilled, don't you think?

Stella dropped the real version, so she gets the decoy.

The "Claire" egg.

Pajamas for Easter.
(So non traditional, I know.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last ski/snowboard day

Saturday, April 4th was Beaver Mountain's last day of the season. The season ended on a high note with about 20 new inches over the weekend.

Until next year.

Book worms and pigtails

Another very sweet Sister moment.

Stella's first day with pigtails.
I did not realize how long her hair really is until I tried this, so cute!


A couple of weekends ago, we had a sleepover at my parents home in Bear Lake. My two older sisters, and their children joined my family for a weekend of FUN! The adults had a Survivor marathon, while all the Perkins grandchildren crashed on the living room floor in sleeping bags. Lots of Survivor was watched, games were played, Twilight was viewed, Zuma was challenged, and junk food was devoured. Oh yeah, and we also enjoyed Beaver Mountain's Big Air Competition. Good times. Here are the kids:

Smile for the camera

top row, L to R: Riley, Treasure
bottom row, L to R: Stella, Lily, Robi Ann, Claire, Rhet, Keeler

Now, strike a pose! (At least half of them got the idea.)