Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy haunting!

I know that I am always a little behind on my posts, but at least I've been getting them posted, right? Yes. So our Halloween was a ton of fun, and the weather could not have been better. The girls didn't have to wear anything more than what you see in these pics, which is very rare for a Utah Halloween. Claire was a purple fairy, and Stella was a fairy princess. For Stella we have been dressing her up in Claire's old costumes from when Claire was little, it saves time and moola. But I will make a recommendation for all those mom's with little girls: do not dress them up in fairy or princess costumes when they are too young to understand or care. When they get older, you'll experience PLENTY of princesses and fairies, especially if you have a real girlie girl like my sweet Claire.
So, Claire had a Halloween party at preschool. Next, we trick-or-treated downtown on main street. Then later in the evening we let the girls trick-or-treat our neighborhood. Lastly, we went to the Aggie game with some friends. Since we didn't get a chance to see Adam's family on Halloween, we decided to extend our holiday through Saturday and let the girls dress up again. We took the girls trick-or-treating to Adam's Grandma Lula's house, then to Adam's Dad and Kathy's house in Hyde Park. On the way home we hit one of Adam's clients home. The girls got way too much candy, (of course) but it was fun to drag out the festivities a little longer.


Claire's design for Stella's pumpkin. (To the right of Claire.) For some reason her drawing just makes me giggle, I love seeing kids creativity in action.

When Claire wore this costume, she hated the wings and crown and refused to wear them. Stella actually didn't mind them one bit, and actually cried when we removed the wings to strap her in her car seat. They really do come with their own personalities, that's for sure.

A sweet moment with Dada.

Claire in action.

Adam and I dressed up as Goth's for our trunk-or treat activity at the church. I didn't take any pictures there. (It bugs me when I leave my camera home.) A girl at the activity took our picture, so I will see if I can get a copy to post.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Howl- oween preparation

The night before haunting, we prepared our pumpkins for their Halloween debut. The Saturday prior, Claire carved hers at her friend, Maggie's house, in preparation for display in the trunk of our car, for trunk-or-treating. After Stella went to bed we let Claire take charge of Stella's pumpkin, since hers was already done. (Poor Stella, she misses out on so much while she's snoozing.) Stayed tuned for a sketch of Claire's design of what Stella's pumpkin should look like, on our next post.

Helping Daddy with his Jack-o-lantern.

The finished product. L to R:
Adam's, Amy's, Claire's & Stella's (just in case you couldn't figure it out);)

All lit up......... SPOOKY!