Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Exciting News!

In the midst of TRYING to update our blog, we have an announcement to make. We are not only expecting our third child, we are having a third GIRL! That's right, MORE pink. I guess we are officially a girl family. We are excited to meet her and will welcome her mid February. Now before you think or say, "Poor Adam", remember he is the one carrying all of those "X swimmers"! ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Edward Jones Summer Regionals

This year the annual summer regional meetings were held at the Grand Targhee resort, and my was it grand! I always look forward to the end of June because I know we get to go on this little relaxing getaway weekend to enjoy good food and socialize with other Edward Jones employees and their families. It is such a beautiful area, I think we need to plan a winter ski vacation there in the future.

Adam and Ben are geared up for their downhill mountain bike ride. You ride the ski lift up to the trailhead and bike down. I still regret not joining them, but I didn't want to make the effort to find someone to watch the girlies. Crazy me.

riding up to the top

The view on the way up.... summertime right?

Definitely winter on the other side. I can't believe how much snow their still was for the end of June. Soooo pretty but fa-reez-ing! The wind was just a whipping over the mountain.

There were thousands of ladybugs in the rocks at the top of the mountain. The kids were in bug heaven.

Aww, the tetons...... so beautiful!

The awards dinner

Adam joins the 30 club

On June 14, Adam joined me in my ripe, wise ol' age of 30. I made him a couple of pies and surprised him by having some friends come over for Risk, pie and ice cream.

Someone was a little impatient and couldn't wait until after the singing to sample the pie. I won't mention any names.

Apparently our singing wasn't pleasing to the birthday boy....... louder please!

Major update

Ok, so I am finally going to update this little blog of mine. Brace yourselves! We've had some computer issues that have slowed us down a bit, okay... A LOT. It's not good to have computer issues in the Anderson household, it takes way too much time to resolve them since we are just incredibly tech savvy around here, if ya know what I mean. So here goes....