Tuesday, November 16, 2010


She was into thumb sucking at this age (5 mos)... not so much anymore.
Kinda sad, I thought it was cute. Probably better in the long run though.

View from the bottom of the Washington Monument.
(Adam was lying on his back, on the ground)

Laura was about seven months prego at the time. It was sooooo abnormally HOT while we were there, but she was a trooper!

Back of the white house (without the flash).
with the flash
Front of white house.

The end of July we took a trip to Washington DC to visit Laura & Drew.
Drew is learning everything he needs to know about working for the foreign service in Montenegro (they are both learning the language as well) because they will be living there for two years.
We left Claire & Stella home with my parents.
As you can see, we took Harper with us.
Harper did okay on the airplane. I wouldn't say she's the best traveler, but definitely could be worse.
We had a grand time! Laura & Drew step it up while hosting & really know how to show you a good time. Thanks guys!


Norris Family said...

Im glad you finally posted pictures from you summer adventures so I could see how great and fun they were.

Beth and Mark said...

Awesome vacation! Looks like fun. I went 13 years ago. Looks like nothing has changed. Who is that handsome statue? Mr. Lincoln I presume. Miss you and hope you are freezing. Come visit the warmth sometime. - Mark and the fam.

Ryan & Keri said...

What a fun trip! We're actually heading there next year--we hope. And I LOVE all of your updates. What a fun year! You have such beautiful girls. So glad things are going well for your sweet family.

The Morris Family said...

Hey! I was stalking FB and found your blog address. Your girls are so cute! I can't believe how grown up Claire is! Weren't we just her age, like 10 minutes ago?